In between Flights

December 8, 2007 at 4:45 am (Uncategorized)

We had connecting Flights: NAIA to Taipei. Taipei to Okinawa. So there are a lot of transfers, paperworks and stuff… We had to wait 4 hours in Taipei before we boarded the second plane. Meanwhile, we got to talk to two Pinoys living in Japan. They just went to the Philippines to visit. One is an ex-army Dentist and the other, a businesswoman. We shared stories, they shared their experiences, particularly in Okinawa: way of Life, how people are nicer and warmer than in Mainland Japan. The waiting area in Taipei is like a Mall. Rockwell-mitai.

 Duty-free(sa left ko lang ang waiting area)

So there are a lot of people going around and shopping(or pretending). Dun mo makikita kung gano ka huli ang Pinas. Langya… ang ganda. Tapos, may monorail pa within the airport to transport you from the Landing Area to the Boarding Area.

Going down… waiting for the plane to board

Ang gaganda ng flight attendants. Tall, but their English is not so clear but still, they are very nice. Ok ang food. When we arrived in Okinawa, it was cold. Parang Baguio. The sun has just set so dark na rin. Plus, 1 hour yung time difference ng Japan sa Time Zone.


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