My Plan of Action(Japan mode)

December 8, 2007 at 3:57 am (Must Reads)

Set your mind

PRO-Active: Set your mind that you already left and brought nothing. What are the things that you need which you currently don’t have. Make a list. Keep it handy so you can update it anytime anywhere.

Prepare for the worst

Know that you will be in a land that most probably wont understand English and other things that you are used to. So…

  • Know your basic Nihongo
    • Introduction(you’ll be asked to speak in front of everyone! YIKES!)
    • How to give a good first impression
    • Meishi
    • Basic questions (what, where, when, why, who, how, which, which way)
    • Kotoba
  • Learn to eat veggies
  • Learn to eat raw fish
  • Learn how to eat with chopsticks alone(Start with: Shrimps and Fish)
  • Learn how to eat with chopsticks alone very very fast
  • Practice Walking
  • Practice Walking Faster
  • Bring your book if you want to(huwag pirata. Nakakahiya!)
  • If you don’t know your way of life
    • Laundry
    • Cooking
    • Cleaning
    • Kasi sa Japan you will read the instructions in KANJI(malilintikan ka!)

IMPORTANT: Know your would-be Address, Phone number, Contact person & his/her number.(Side Story: Held up in Naha Airport)

Be flexible with your accounts

Settle your accounts first or make them more accessible. Enroll in online services for your ATM, Credit Cards, Cellphone Loads(for roaming purposes).

Love at first sight

Roaming phone
If you want others to constantly keep in contact with people in the Philippines, bring a 3G phone. Enroll in Roaming services so as to keep the price low for the people who will contact you. Don’t forget your charger.

DOs and DON’Ts
I brought:

  • Initial food(no fruits please, seasonings, breading mixes)
  • Medicine
  • Accessories(t.brush, nail clippers, comb)
  • Toiletries (T.paste, soap, hair gel)
  • Clothes and shoes(for Office(formal/informal), home and Casual purposes)’
  • Towel, undies.
  • Offering Gifts for your Hosts/Workmates

did not bring:

  • Pirated DVDs and CDs
  • Fruits
  • Alcoholic stuff (Sa baggage lang pwede. Bawal sa hand carry)

When Packing:

  1. Check your List
  2. Double-check

When Leaving..

  • What to wear?
    • Definitely not clothes/shoes with metallic things (for metal detectors)
    • Do not wear loose pants and use belts w/ metallic buckles) unless you want to strip down before every metal detector(mga twice per airport).
  • Check your ticket(s), passport/visa
  • Be Early on the day of your flight (sidestory: Held UP at NAIA!)
  • Know your address, phone number, contact person in JAPAN(sidestory: Held UP at Immigration!)

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