Common Table Manners

December 15, 2007 at 1:48 pm (Food Related, Must Reads, Seikatsu)

The thing that I really appreciate about our manager is that he observes us and continuously make an effort to improve us. So when he saw that I didn’t observe the common Japanese Table Manners, he taught us some of them.

  1. Location of the chopsticks:
    • When placing the chopsticks in the table, do not put in on top of a glass.
    • It is OK if you put it on top of the bowl, side of the plate or inside a bowl.
  2. You cannot use the chopsticks to drag the bowls or plate.
  3. When the food is shared in the middle, only one person should take his serving of the food at a time per plate…that is, only one person access per plate at one time. If you will be taking from a different plate, it is OK.
  4. Chewing out loud is bad. Chewing while your mouth is open is also not polite.
  5. Sounds of sipping a soup are considered OK.
  6. Keep your place on the table clean while eating.

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